All the students can make a difference: give a smile and a pinch of serenity to their Ukrainian peers.


Regional announcement “Young Solidarity”

Thanks to this competition, all students of all ages and grades will have the opportunity to send a message of peace through their drawings.

The subject will be the “HOPE UKRAINE” logo flanked by the creativity of the students, who will personify Peace and Solidarity.

The drawings that best represent the themes indicated above will be exhibited at international exhibitions for peace in Ukraine and will also be delivered to the most important Ukrainian institutions.


To the school professors, the steps of the announcement are as follows.

  • Download the announcement together with the participation authorization, the authorization of the school institution’s data and those of the referring teacher;
  • Present the solidarity project to each class, showing them the idea of the drawing made, which can be downloaded from the “attachments” section;
  • Print the logo “HOPE UKRAINE”
  • Unleash the students’ creativity by colouring the logo and drawing around what for them represents peace, unity and solidarity;
  • The drawing that best represents the message of peace that is to be transmitted will be chosen by the referent teacher;
  • Send the participation authorization to the certified email: consolatoucraina@pec.it; the data authorization of the school and contact teacher data; the design that best represents the message of peace.


The goal of this project, as the name itself states, “HOPE”, is to bring hope to the Ukrainian people, but at the same time, to promote peace, hospitality and solidarity.

The competition aims to:
  • Promote intercultural dialogue;
  • Know the solidarity aid networks of the territory, starting from “Hope Ukraine”;
  • To bring young people closer to the world of volunteering;
  • Encourage a positive reception of foreign students in the school world.
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