HOPE EDUCATION aims to create a coordination network to help school and university integration to all Ukrainian students.

The objectives

We carry out an idea of education and education that is transversal and that favours cultural, social, and interpersonal activities.

We promote solidarity educational projects aimed at the full involvement of Ukrainian citizens on the Italian territory and we work so that meeting and collaboration initiatives can materialize and make their small, big difference within our communities. HOPE Edu involves young people of all ages, Italians, and Ukrainians, and allows them to find common ground for dialogue, integration, and intercultural socialization at 360 degrees.

Finally, we carry out dialogue platforms with various Italian and Ukrainian universities, thus initiating collaborations at institutional and academic level so that the right to study and scientific research can be guaranteed. HOPE Edu is a channel of support for Ukraine and is responsible for bringing just causes and innovative ideas to universities, so that it can be of greater help to the population affected by the war.

Hope Ukraine Foundation

C.F. 92314900280

Via Venezia 115, Capriccio (PD), 35010 – REGISTERED OFFICE
Via Montà 29, Padova, 35138 – OPERATIVE OFFICE

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