HOPE FASHION: high quality, respect for tradition and love in every detail.

Who we are

Hope Fashion is an association part of the Hope Ukraine Foundation that unites Ukrainian designers and fashion brands. With the support of the Ukrainian Consulate and Confindustria Ukraine, the Foundation wishes to give light and opportunity to Ukrainian beauty, high quality, respect for traditions, love and attention to detail, present in all exclusive creations produced with “Ukrainian soul”.

Hope Fashion consists of a young, well-trained, dynamic and enthusiastic team that works with passion and dedication.

Our mission

Our mission is to support Ukrainian fashion designers and brands. The ongoing war in the Ukrainian territories has also had a negative impact on their fashion world. Although, given the situation, it is not easy to carry on their work, many designers are looking for new logistic and production facilities as well as the possibility to enter new markets.

Hope Fashion’s main objective is to support brands in their positioning in the European market, with a particular focus on the Italian market, which has always been synonymous with sophistication, quality and trend-setting. Designers are also provided with consulting tools: these include studying the target market, improving communication (online and offline), and product marketing. Support is also provided for the organisation of events, presentations and fashion shows in Italy.


Ukrainian fashion consists of brands with a modern, refined and creative style. Ukrainian designers uphold the reputation of craftsmanship and ancient tailoring techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Our partners

Hope Fashion collaborates with various partners and, each day, continues to expand its network in order to always support brands in the very best possible way.

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