HOPE KIDS – They are not alone on borders: it’s a project concerning the prevention and safety of Ukrainian children.

They are not alone on the borders: It’s a project concerning the prevention and safety of Ukrainian children.
Being the most vulnerable refugees, and on several occasion alone they risk of been an easy target for the human traffickers. At least 400 thousand children have been forced to flee Ukraine to seek safety outside the country.

They don’t have nothing with them, most of them fled with only their clothes on and now they are exposed to the risk of hunger, disease, trafficking and abuse.

The targets

Hope Kids aims to develop projects and technologies, strategies and active policies to put an end to the crimes that affect minors and vulnerable people the most.

Hope Ukraine in this sense deals with the monitoring of the dark web, on-site investigations and operational activities to stem this serious emergency.


The foundation HOPE UKRAINE was present at the SENATE OF THE REPUBLIC at the conference on missing children on the International Day of Missing Children, organized by Telefono Azzurro. Hope Ukraine asked for an urgent intervention and immediate coordination with proposal to stem this humanitarian crisis and to offer support to Ukrainian children: immediate coordination at national and international level; greater support for Ukrainian children as vulnerable refugees and potential of trafficking; collaboration between various countries; control network in reception areas.


    ANGELS FOR A DAY: Hope Kids, in collaboration with the Legionaries of Christ, with the Clow4 Oppeano Association and with the support of the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine, organized Sundays for Ukrainian orphaned children in Rubano (Padua). On the occasion educational and playful workshops were organized with the aim of giving them a smile and a pinch of serenity, and above all offering them a positive welcome.

    The activities were also carried out thanks to the companies with a social heart and who provided us with material (colours, markers, crayons, etc.) to organize the various workshops.

      Do you want to give a smile to Ukrainian orphaned children too? Become an official sponsor of this project by financing the workshops and activities of Angeli per un Giorno?

      Write to us at:



      The foundation Hope Ukraine is committed to the reconstruction and safety of schools and paediatric hospitals in the Zhytomyr region, an area heavily affected by the bombing. These are spaces necessary to ensure education, promote continuous learning opportunities for all Ukrainian students, and guarantee medical assistance, especially in this dramatic period.


        Numerous hospitals and nursing homes were bombed during the war in Ukraine. The Hope Ukraine Foundation took action to give concrete help and together with the Padua Hospital, sent a truck with thermal cots destined for the paediatric hospital in Uzhorod. It was a fundamental operation as one of Hope Ukraine’s main objectives is to secure the hospitals destroyed and damaged and to ensure immediate medical assistance.

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