HOPE RUN was born with the aim of establishing a team open to all runners, which through participation in sporting events, non-competitive and competitive, such as: collective training, Sunday marches, half marathons, and marathons, collects donations, aimed at supporting the Ukrainian people.

The objectives

Running is a sport that requires many sacrifices, it represents a real passion that through constant practice manages to change the life of those who become runners. It is able to produce positive effects on the body but above all on the mind. Running radically changes the lifestyle, the Runner approaches life in the best possible way and for this reason he is more open to activities that presuppose the ability to help others.

Hope Ukraine Foundation

Via Venezia 115, Capriccio (PD), 35010 – REGISTERED OFFICE
Via Montà 29, Padova, 35138 – OPERATIVE OFFICE

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