Identification document and legal stay in italy

Attendance declaration

The Ukrainian citizen who enters Italy must also present the DECLARATION OF PRESENCE at the Police Headquarters.

Hospitality communication

The person who hosts a Ukrainian citizen in his or her accommodation, even if a relative or similar, or transfers the ownership or enjoyment of real estate to the same, must communicate it, within 8 eight days, by presenting the HOSPITALITY COMMUNICATION in favor of a non-EU citizen, to the Local Police by presenting the following form at the protocol office of the municipality of arrival.

At the police station a special slip with a FISCAL CODE will be issued and, following the times, a valid residence permit will be assigned ect… All this information will be provided directly at the counter at the police station.

Hope Ukraine Foundation

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Via Venezia 115, Capriccio (PD), 35010 – REGISTERED OFFICE
Via Montà 29, Padova, 35138 – OPERATIVE OFFICE

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