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The foundation Hope Ukraine, born as a push for the management of humanitarian help from Italy to Ukraine, and the arrival of refugees in Italy. Hope Ukraine Foundation was established as a driving force for the management of humanitarian aid from Italy to Ukraine and the arrival of refugees on Italian territory.

Hope Ukraine has been working since the first day of the war with multiple aid and concrete support in different areas. Hope Ukraine Foundation has developed, and is still creating, solidarity projects that can offer concrete help to the Ukrainian people:

  • humanitarian aid: thermal cribs for the Ukrainian Children’s Hospital in Uzhorod, the departure of more than 120 trucks and two trains of humanitarian goods.
  • guidelines for refugees: “Welcome to Italy” vademecum; explanatory videos for arrival in Italy.
  • solidarity events: Angels for a day consisting of the organization of educational workshops and recreational games for Ukrainian orphaned children; the short film “We are Ukraine” to raise awareness on the issue of war; the “Hope Contest” project that was disseminated in all Italian schools to raise awareness among young people on the issue of welcome through a drawing representing peace and solidarity.

The Foundation was established thanks to the will of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ukraine with jurisdiction over the Northeast, Marco Toson, now President of the Hope Ukraine Foundation.

“The Hope Ukraine Foundation was created to support the Ukrainian emergency both at the level of collection of basic necessities throughout the Italian territory and also in the part of reception of Ukrainian citizens arriving on the Italian territory.””

Marco Toson, President of the Hope Ukraine Foundation

Marco Toson, President of Hope Ukraine Foundation President Marco Toson has been, and still is, the heart of this whole great project and is joined by numerous people with a heart in social work and for the Ukrainian cause. At his side we find several workers and volunteers, who daily, through their work and commitment offer all-round support to Ukrainian refugees.

    Hope Ukraine Foundation

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