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Support the work of the Hope Ukraine Foundation, your contribution will have a concrete impact. 
The donation can be free or follow one of the examples below

3 L of disinfectant


1 litre of disinfectant makes 200 litres of water drinkable. The disinfectant is produced in Ukraine according to current regulations and has the necessary authorisations.

First Emergency Food Kit


Each kit contains: - sunflower oil - 2 tins of meat - sugar - 1 kg pasta - 1 kg rice - polenta - tea - 2 packets of biscuits

Baby First Emergency Kit


The kit contains: - nappies - homogenised baby food - wet wipes - shampoo and shower bath - toy - feeding bottles

How to donate

Bank Transfer


Beneficiary: Fondazione Hope Ukraine ETS

IBAN: IT40T0538762962000047672791

Causale: Donation

Online Donation

Donate with PayPal:

press the button donazione and follow the instructions. 

 Thank you for helping us make a difference!!
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You can donate your 5x1000 to the Foundation, it costs nothing and will bring concrete help. Taxpayers can allocate their 5x1000 in their income tax return forms (730, CUD...). Simply indicate the foundation's tax code 92314900280 and sign in the relevant section.


Donations to ONLUSes are deductible. These can be found in box E of the 730 tax return, 'Oneri e spese'.

For further information, please contact your CAF or trusted advisor. We remind you that in order to obtain the benefits mentioned, the donor must keep all documentation. 

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