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Goods collection

Hope Ukraine is a foundation born with the purpose of providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and assisting the Ukrainian population in Italy.

Our volunteers support us in managing communication, helping Ukrainians find accommodation, facilitating their school and work integration, and collecting and transporting essential goods to Ukraine.

Hope Ukraine gathers essential goods to support the Ukrainian population affected by the conflict: non-perishable food items, medicines, personal hygiene products and items for children are crucial to ensuring the sustenance and well-being of those facing the consequences of the conflict.

Every single contribution can make a difference in the lives of people affected by this humanitarian crisis.

Become a volunteer

The Hope Ukraine Foundation believes in the value of peace, human rights, and freedom. Its goal is to promote solidarity among peoples, equality, respect, and non-discrimination.

We are constantly in search of volunteers who share values such as respect, integrity, honesty, fairness, and responsibility: become a volunteer and support Hope Ukraine in various areas, from communication to translation, from public relations to event organisation.

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