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Summer Camp

Following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, over 30.000 children have fled their own country to reach Italy. Once in the country, these children often experienced a disorienting situation, being in a new reality far away from their homes and families.

Summer Camp aims to provide young refugees in Italy with moments of relaxation and entertainment, with the purpose of helping them overcome the trauma and stress caused by the armed conflict and the abandonment of their home country.

In doing so, this project seeks to improve their quality of life and promote their integration into the Italian society.

The "Football Summer Camps 2023" project focused on the realisation of summer camps for football, a much-loved and practised sport in Ukraine, to allow young refugees to socialise and share moments of play and light-heartedness together with other peers.

During the camps, the children had the opportunity to receive technical instruction through daily training sessions and to also participate in games, tournaments and other recreational and educational activities that allowed both technical and physical improvement while ensuring fun and enjoyment.

The success of the project was built on a solid network of partnerships with Ukrainian associations in Italy, which allowed us to reach the highest number of young refugees possible and ensure them a complete and satisfying experience.

For the organisation of the camps, the Hope Ukraine Foundation extends its gratitude to the football clubs Fondazione Milan, La Spezia, and Genoa.

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